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Thursday 15 September 2011 (Casa da Música Sala de Ensaio 1)

10:00 Introduction to Kyma, Carla Scaletti
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Friday 16 September 2011 (Casa da Música Sala 2)

10:00 Welcome & Opening Remarks by KISS Organizer & Symposiarch, Eduardo Magalhães
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10:30 Keynote on Exploring Sound Space, Carla Scaletti                View Video

11:45 Navi-Gate, Bruno Liberda                                                      View Video

12:15 Kyma & the SumOfSines Disco Club, Jeffrey Stolet               View Video

12:45 Discussion, Carla Scaletti, Bruno Liberda, Jeffrey Stolet          View Video

15:00 Restauration & Redesign of Flo Menezes’s Mahler in Transgress, André Perrotta
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15:30 Disco Debris, Yannis Kyriakides                                            View Video

16:00 Sonic Ecologies, Mobiles and Orreries: Generating Interactive and Autonomous Behavior in Kyma, Scott Miller
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Evening Concert in Casa da Música Sala 2 (19:00 — 21:00)

…odd kind of sympathy, Carla Scaletti           View Video
You never really know how your part fits into the larger score…

odd kind of sympathy is the phrase Christiann Huygens used to describe the way two pendulums, mounted on the same piece of wood, will synchronize to one another in anti-phase within 1800 cycles.

Self portrait without self, Bruno Liberda         View Video

Galileo, One Night Only, Theo Lipfert             View Video
Galileo, One Night Only is a visual and aural montage constructed from the (fictional) experiences of Montana actor Kent Davis, appearing as himself, as he prepares a performance exploring the life of Galileo Galilei, the father of modern science. Davis works a “day job” as a professional medical guinea pig. He enrolls as a human subject to test medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and therapies. During the preparation for his role as Galileo, Davis tests a wearable camera designed to help Alzheimer’s patients remember the events and interactions of their daily lives. To gauge the device’s efficacy, Davis has been administered a drug that induces a temporary memory loss. As he travels through different physical environments, Davis reflects on the sacrifices and compromises he has made to pursue his art, and unwittingly creates a contemporary analog to the experiences of the Sixteenth-century astronomer.

This piece is a work of live cinema. The term “live cinema” was originally coined to describe the playing of live music to accompany silent movies, but now refers to the simultaneous creation of image and sound in real time. In this work, filmmaker Theo Lipfert combines the Kyma sound computer with the VJ software Resolume Avenue to map the “random” function of the Kyma to the selection of audio and video elements. This “controlled randomness” mimics the process of human memory, as visual and aural fragments combine to create the illusion of accurate recollection.

Intermission                                                    View Video

EU debut performance, Minibus Pimps, Helge Sten & John Paul Jones
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Saturday 17 September 2011 (Casa da Música Sala 2)

10:30 Keynote on Musical Space Space, Laura Tedeschini-Lalli       View Video

11:45 What’s New In Kyma, Carla Scaletti                                      View Video

15:00 The Piece of Wire Between, Pete Johnston                            View Video

16:00 Friday Concert Q&A, John Paul Jones, Bruno Liberda, Theo Lipfert, Carla Scaletti, Helge Sten
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Sunday 18 September 2011 (Casa da Música Sala 2)

11:00 Sonification Tools in Kyma, Carla Scaletti                             View Video

11:45 Sonifying Chemical Evolution, Steve Everett                         View Video

12:15 aroundNorth, Robert Jarvis                                                  View Video

14:30 Virtual & Inner Space: the Confronting Pain Group, Mark Nazemi
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15:00 Using Kyma & Avenue to Create Live Cinema, Theo Lipfert   View Video

15:30 GenMov: A Language-based Score Generator, Cristian Vogel
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Evening Concert in Casa da Música Sala 2 (19:00 — 21:00)

Orrery for Casa da Música, Scott Miller                                          View Video
An orrery is a mechanical model of the solar system or simply the sun, earth and moon, that demonstrates the different bodies relative motions. Orrery for Casa da Música is constructed of interactive sound objects which are modeled on astrophysical phenomena, such as planets, moons, binary stars, pulsars, comets, and Lagrange points. Imagine a mechanically programmed orrery that includes free agents, elements that interact with the sonic behavior of the space. The sonic ecology of the performance space defines the behavior, relative motion and sonic transformation of these sound objects, creating a unique universe at the moment of its creation (performance). Like the universe of our everyday experience, we are immersed–a part of the experience–and we define the beginning(s) and ending(s) through our comprehension of disparate elements whose existence and relationships extend beyond the boundaries of our perception.

AUU (and Ah UM) for Kyma and Wacom Tablet, Jon Bellona           View Video
Humans fill uncomfortable moments between thoughts, not with spaces of silence, but instead with principally three noticeable sounds: “and”, “uh”, and “um”. “AUU” explores the spaces between our thoughts, as well as the use of the three common words that mask these silences.

Elements, Lukas Steiner                                                                 View Video
3025. Earth is a desolate wasteland. Not a single creature lives on this once striving planet. Lizzy27, member of the Diaps breed from the Beat galaxy, has been sent on a mission to earth: “collect local elements, don’t fool around, and be back by 3328.” Watch and listen to what happens when the spacecraft lands… A dancer (Stephanie Elana Kalani) determines the musical progression with her moves and interacts with four motion sensors, symbolizing the four elements Water, Fire, Wind, and Earth.

Abismo Interno, Hector Bravo Benard                                            View Video
This piece uses different synthesis techniques to produce evolving sound textures that go from quasi-instrumental sounds to very thick masses of noise. The sound becomes thicker as the piece develops, with different kinds of noise being articulated and projected in the multichannel space. Without having any strictly programmatic intentions, it can be thought of as an imaginary sound journey into a vast and chaotic inner space, where we are forced to gradually readjust our way of listening as the piece moves towards increasingly denser textures surrounding the listener, as if being swallowed from inside into an abyss of noise.

Beautiful Beasts – - – - – - – a generative digital Performance, Pascale Barret & Rudi Giot
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A trio performance for a sensor augmented Teddy Bear, a virtual character with emotional expressions and a woman. In an audio-visual environment, the audience will be invite to take part on this interactive and mixed realities tale by playing RFID cards. In the Love Story of the Beauty and the Beast, I can imagine how the Beauty was disappointed when the Beast became Prince. She devoted so much time to love the animal. I suppose she asked for another Beast, so ugly, so special. Also, I create another protagonist, used by the Beauty to control the Beast who becomes a Beauty, maybe the Beauty turns into a Beast, and the Teddy transfers in a Prince?… www.bitly/beautyBeasts

Farewell & Closing Remarks, Eduardo Magalhães & Carla Scaletti    View Video

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